New York Islanders’ John Tavares Surprises 11-Year-Old Bullied Fan

When the New York Islanders traveled to Winnipeg to take on the Jets, an 11-year-old boy named Jake Lotocki excitedly went to the game, wearing his John Tavares jersey.  Lotocki is a huge fan of the New York Islanders and he idolizes their captain, Tavares.  After the game, as Lotocki and his mom head out of MTS Centre, he is verbally attacked and bullied by several Jets fans.  His experience is chronicled in an article by Paul Friesen in the Winnipeg Sun.

A couple days later Tavares hears about him and what Lotocki had to go through.  The 23-year-old center reached out with the Islanders to send over an autographed jersey with a handwritten note to his biggest fan–reminding us all why hockey players are the best.  Read more about the touching gesture here.