Noureen DeWulf Reveals Why She Chose to be in a DocuSeries About Hockey Wives

Photo Credit: Splash News.

Photo Credit: Splash News.

Noureen DeWulf, wife to Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller, recently revealed to The Hollywood Reporter the reason why she decided to be on “Hockey Wives,” a docuseries set to premiere on March 18.  The actress, known for her role on the TV show “Anger Management,” is currently pregnant with their first child.

The show, Hockey Wives, follows the wives/girlfriends of a handful of NHL players.  The show will be broadcast in Canada and unfortunately, hasn’t yet found a home on US TV.

Noureen told the Hollywood Reporter that she decided to be part of the show after she found of she was pregnant: “He was in Vancouver.  I just found out I was pregnant.  I was shooting Anger Management all day long, and I thought it would be a good idea to also have a docuseries follow me around.”

In addition to Noureen, Nicole Brown (LA Kings’ Dustin Brown’s wife), Martine Forget (wife of Toronto Maple Leafs goalkeeper Jonathan Bernier), and Maripier Morin (girlfriend of Brandon Prust from the Montreal Canadiens) will be featured in the show.

“I feel truly blessed to know people think I have it all.  But the truth is no one has it all,” Noureen said to The Hollywood Reporter on people’s perception of her life as a hockey wife and actress.

After she gives birth, Noureen is ready to get back into acting, telling the magazine that, “As soon as I give birth to my baby, I’m going to go back to Los Angeles and try to find another job.  I want to be on another show.  I want to be in the movies, so I want people to get to know me.”