How Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood Found Out They Were Having a Baby Boy

Photo credit: Getty

Photo credit: Getty

Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher and his wife, Carrie Underwood, will be parents to a bouncing baby boy (and maybe a future hockey player) in just two months!  So how did they found out the gender news?  In a not so conventional way…

The singer, who is currently 7 months pregnant, recently revealed to ABC News Radio that her and Mike didn’t want to learn about the gender in a doctor’s office.

Instead, after seeing the baby via ultrasound, Mike and Carrie, who married back in 2010, asked the doctor to not show or say anything about the gender.

“We got to see all the pictures and everything. It was really cool to see that, but whatever she’d get near, near those parts, we would look away,” Carrie told ABC News Radio.

They asked the doctor to write the gender on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope.  Carrie and Mike decided to go to a fancy restaurant and open the envelope there.

“Just the two of us in a nicer setting, but we both knew. So, that was just confirming our suspicions. We didn’t really speak of it before, ’cause we were both just like, ‘Whatever. It’s all good.’ But we knew it was a boy,” she said to ABC.

Brad Paisley is actually the one who announced to the world the Fishers were having a boy, something which Carrie knew would happen.

“Brad’s got loose lips. He’s a blabbermouth! So I was like, ‘I’m not gonna tell you until we’re ready for the rest of the world to know, ’cause I know you’ll tell people,'” she told ABC.

He made the slip in November 2014 at the CMA Awards while the two country singers hosted the show. He made the suggestion to name their new child Garth, as well as slipping references to “he” when talking about the baby.

Now Mike and Carrie have to figure out baby names!